The life

The real life starts when a person gets around 20 years old. It’s the time he is probably working and thinking about raising, and how he can achieve his goals. So he notices he is waiting much than the life can provide him. He wait a good job, a good money and a good relationship. Has he ever asked himself how long he needs achieve in his life and career to become happier?

The life goes so fast, and he’s been working to make more and more money, and to achieve a good place on society, he spend too much time thinking and not doing,  he forgot the life was made to live! And after a while, he found that it’s not so important to stay focused on his work as he’d kept.

It doesn’t mean that his job is not important, for sure it’s. However it’s not so important that he doesn’t need to do anything more. Maybe he doesn’t have enough money to live the life as he want, but It’s sure he can enjoy more than he’s been enjoying now. And the question is… How could he? It’s not so hard, he just need to look around and seek something possible that would make him happier. Maybe he should make a plan to travel with his boyfriend/girlfriend. There are many kinds of plans he can pay over the year. And if he doesn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s not a problem, maybe he might call their friend who he’d like to go with him, or who knows go alone.

The only certainty, it’s the life is just one. And if he doesn’t enjoy now, maybe tomorrow it’d be too late. Perhaps he’s been feeling a bit sad, unhappy, not satisfied with the life, work, relationship, nevertheless for sure he has a way to get happy, he just need to look through the another window, and he’ll see another landscape. he should do something different, something that give him more pleasure, it’d be a new course, job, sport, school or travel.

To start he has to make a plan, and put this plan in a paper, and planning a date step-by-step, but he can’t waste time just doing plan, he needs to do it!!!

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